Grant Timmerman

Google Developer Platform Engineer


Grant Timmerman

Hello there! I'm Grant Timmerman, a platform engineer and open source enthusiast. I love building delightful developer experiences.


Where I've worked

  1. Google
    Google - Engineer, Google Cloud, Serverless

    • Leads and builds Google Cloud Functions computing strategy though the Functions Framework. Built 7 open source function runtimes in collaboration with language experts:
    • Built Eventarc devX: Google CloudEvents repos generated client libraries and samples.
    • Built Cloud Workflows devX: IDE autocompletion, API client libraries, and samples.
    • International speaker for Google Cloud. Spoke at over 30 developer events in 12 countries (USA/CAN/LatAm/Europe/SEA). Audiences between 20 and 500 developers.
    (Node, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Dart, C++)

    Google - Engineer, Workspaces (G Suite)

    • Designed, built, launched the Apps Script CLI, google/clasp. Sees 25k+ req/day. Used by thousands of devs building add-ons.
    • Designed and build G Suite's open source developer presence, googleworkspace. Built API samples for Sheets, Slides, Drive, and other products.
    (Node, Python, Go, Java, Ruby, PHP, .NET, Apps Script)

  2. Sift
    Sift Science - Software Engineer

    Built a variety of features supporting Sift Science’s fraud APIs and web console. Features include workflows, enhanced payment and social profile data, mixpanel tracking. (Java, React, SCSS)

  3. Google
    Google - Software Engineer Intern
    Summer 2015

    Designed and developed an Android device validator that dramatically reduces the number of failed app submission for Android Auto, TV, and Wear. The validator detects common app issues during develop time in Android Studio and submission time in the Play Store by 40%. (Java, C++)

  4. Sift
    Sift Science - Software Engineer Intern
    Winter 2015

    Built historical Sift scores visualization, feature gating/pricing changes backend and frontend, and redesigned user details page for Sift Science's console. (Java, Maven, HBase, React, SCSS, D3)

  5. LinkedIn
    LinkedIn - Software Engineer Intern
    Summer 2014

    Built the server-side infrastructure for internationalizing skills on LinkedIn, allowing recruiters to search for skilled professionals around the world independent of their language. The skills feature affects over 60 million page views per month and 320+ million members. (Java, Kafka, Avro, Pig, MapReduce,, Ruby)

  6. Facebook
    Facebook Open Academy - Socket.IO
    Jan–June '14

    Hand-picked to contribute to Facebook’s open-sourced projects as a part of Facebook’s Open Academy Program. Created Socket.IO's official example app Socket.IO Chat . This example is used to teach newcomers how to use Socket.IO from scratch. Here's a video demo of the app given by Socket.IO's founder Guillermo Rauch. (JS)

  7. Tableau Software
    Tableau - Software Engineer Intern
    Summer 2013

    Designed and implemented two flagship features for Tableau’s big data visualization software:

    • Fully built transparent objects (e.g. legends, images, text regions) for Tableau’s web visualization engine. Feature shipped and was demoed live in front of 3,000 customers at Tableau’s Customer Conference 2013. Also codeveloped support for high dpi vizes. (Script#)
    • Developed Tableau’s #1 customer request JavaScript API feature: the ability to get a viz’s data programmatically (via getUnderlyingDataAsync and getSummaryDataAsync API commands) with the ability to support data cubes. (Script#, Java, C++)
  8. Nor1
    Nor1 - Software Engineer Intern
    Summer 2012

    Built comprehensive web applications doing both front-end and back-end development:

    • Created a spreadsheet-like web application that allows hotel property managers to input current hotel inventory into Nor1’s analytical engine. (CakePHP, JS)
    • Built a live data feed web application that processed data from database records and presented the interpreted data in a user-friendly, easy-to-read live feed of real-time data. (CakePHP, JS)
  9. Kongregate
    Kongregate - Game Developer
    Nov '08–Nov '11

    Developed indie Flash games such as Cellular Warfare and The Four Elements.

    (ActionScript, Kongregate API)